Multi-Media Potpourri

This section is a potpourri of multi-media samples that I've been working on as a learning and testing tool.

Unfortunately, most multi-media files are large and work best with cable or DSL modems, so be patient if you are using a dial-up connection. When practical, I've made a smaller and lower [unfortunately] quality version for dial-ups, as indicated. However, if you have a dial-up modem and are willing to wait for the cable version to download to your computer, you will be rewarded with a much better quality video clip.

Also, you can simply download the file by using your right mouse button and save it to your hard drive.

In most cases you'll need to return to this page with your browser's "back" button.

Check back from time-to-time to see any new additions. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide, specially anything that doesn't work or look right.  

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